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Proactive Managed Plan - Features (Download Datasheet Here)


Keep One Step Ahead of the Problem

A rapid response when your network goes down is great, but tackling the issue before it becomes a problem is even better.  Trouble is, that kind of preventative maintenance calls for extra time that many businesses simply don’t have on their hands.


Our Proactive Managed Plan gives your network an extra level of ongoing attention.  It’s a managed plan that combines monitoring with a series of monthly preventative tasks designed to keep the business up and running.  Along with a host of additional IT services including technology consulting and discounted on-call support.


In all, this proactive approach keeps your network ready for business while recapturing the revenue your business loses any time there’s an outage.


Network Monitoring, Reporting and Preventative Maintenance

  • ⦁ Preventative maintenance and performance monitoring of your core network devices
  • ⦁ Proactive services performed monthly (on-site and remote)
  • ⦁ Regular network health assessments and quarterly reports
  • ⦁ Backup system monitoring
  • ⦁ Virus protection monitoring
  • ⦁ Email performance monitoring
  • ⦁ Patch-level management
  • ⦁ Support service at a discounted rate
  • ⦁ Priority ranking in the service queue
  • ⦁ Consulting services that help your business plan for future growth and the IT you need to support it
  • ⦁ Further add-on services include …
  • ⦁ Desktop support
  • ⦁ Mobile device support
  • ⦁ Printer and imaging equipment support
  • ⦁ Cloud-based storage
  • ⦁ Cloud-based security


Far More Reliable Uptime: A staff of experienced IT professionals will proactively tune your network for performance and availability, reducing slowdowns and emergency incidents.


Faster Repairs: Should a problem arise, the same staff is on hand to rapidly correct any issue. Diagnosis time goes from hours to minutes, costing you less than if you fixed it yourself.


Improved Service Overall: On-call IT support is offered at a discount, and your service calls get higher priority over other businesses that are working without a contract.


Lower Costs: A managed plan eliminates unexpected IT overhead—and protects revenue once lost to network outages that effectively put business on hold.


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